Corporate Information

HeveaConnect Pte Ltd (HC) is an online integrated natural rubber supply chain ecosystem which is open to key stakeholders in natural rubber. HC will be an inclusive and efficient bespoke bilateral marketplace for trading certified sustainable rubber exclusively under the HeveaPro certification and will provide value-added services to all users via integration of logistics, warehousing, financing and insurance services.

HeveaConnect was established in 2018.

Business Operations

Please contact info@heveaconnect.com and request for more information on account opening. We will be in touch with you to arrange for a business meeting.

Bespoke bilateral marketplace for sustainable physical natural rubber.

Yes. This is for physical rubber that has been certified as HeveaPro and sold from a producer to a natural rubber consumer.

Halcyon Agri is the first adopter as a natural rubber producer and there are several consumers currently using HeveaConnect for transactions.

Producers will need to go through the HeveaPro certification process and get audited by an external certification. After which they can then join HeveaConnect. Contact us at info@heveaconnect.com for more information and partnership opportunities.